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Guidelines & Application

Chase Foundation / Guidelines & Application

Grant Guidelines

The Chase Foundation takes into consideration many qualities of an organization when conducting grant reviews. Grant applications can be made at anytime for the support of activities related to Foundation programs and intent. The Chase Foundation is generally limited to supporting tax exempt charitable organizations. In selected cases the foundation may consider support for projects sponsored by governmental entities. Grants are made by The Chase Foundation Directors who meet quarterly to review grant and funding requests.

The Chase Foundation looks for organizations that engage in strategic planning in maximizing positive results in the primary focused areas. Grant amounts awarded reflect both the needs of the organization and the foundation’s desire to see the presence of other individual and community support of the project. The Chase foundation gives priority to projects that involve joint efforts of multiple agencies and wide community support and sustainability of projects demonstrated in the application guideline.

Generally activities and projects not funded include: loans to individuals, interests or programs detrimental to the oil & gas industry, operational expenses of established programs, non charitable organizations through IRS determination, international organizations, political or lobbying activities, ticketed events, outside geographic area and projects that do not have sustainability for a 5 year period

The Chase Foundation Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis (the second Tuesday of March, June, September and December) to review grant applications. Applications must be received 4 weeks prior to the scheduled quarterly meeting to be eligible for review.

Grant Application

We welcome your ideas about how to reach community programs most effectively. We seek high-impact ideas that have the potential to make a difference in the lives of large numbers of people and we require results from such ideas to be measurable within three to five years.
We search for ideas in many different ways: in reaching out to experts, innovators, non-governmental organizations and associations, interested individuals and public officials; in supporting competitions; and in new ways we’re just beginning to test.